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All at Once Upon a Time

All at Once Upon a Time

ISBN: 9781419768170
Written by Mara Rockliff; Illustrated by Gladys Jose
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An unexpected and wholly original fractured fairy tale by award-winning author Mara Rockliff, with a hilarious visual narrative from illustrator Gladys Jose—All at Once Upon a Time is a fantastic picture book read-aloud that will have listeners giggling ever after

Once upon a time
(now, tell me if you’ve heard this one before)
locked away up in a tower,
lived a princess with the longest . . .

Fairy Tale Land has gotten a shake-up. All the stories are happening at once and . . . not exactly as they used to, once upon a time! Climbing a beanstalk takes an unexpected twist, Little Red Riding Hood’s basket is bursting with an unusual gift for an out-of-the-ordinary grandmother, and Rapunzel’s nose grows longer every time she tells another whopping fib!

With a surprise on every page, readers will love trying to guess what happens next.