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Are You Listening?

Are You Listening?

ISBN: 9781419761652
By Susan Verde; Illustrated by Juliana Perdomo
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From a series that explores the five senses through a mindfulness perspective, bestselling author Susan Verde highlights how careful, intentional listening allows us to appreciate the world around us

All day long
there are sounds.
I hear them,
telling me the world is busy—
and so am I.

But when I find stillness
and make the choice to
pause, breathe, and give each sound my careful attention,
I can listen. Listening tells me more . . .

Gracefully written by Susan Verde, bestselling author of the I Am books, and winsomely illustrated by Juliana Perdomo, the Sensing Your World series teaches little ones to experience the world around them more deeply using the five senses to find joy, connection, and beauty in the small, everyday moments. Are You Listening? encourages us to listen to the world around us with our whole hearts.