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Birds in a Book  (UpLifting Editions)

Birds in a Book (UpLifting Editions)

ISBN: 9781419733932
Text by Lesley Earle, Art by Rachel Grant
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Author Lesley Earle and illustrator Rachel Grant’s Birds in a Book is a unique gift picture book that transforms into a decorative object, featuring 10 beloved birds from around the world.
Each bird featured in this book is perched on a die-cut branch that you can “pop up” from the page. Simply take the jacket off, pop up the birds, and turn this book into a whimsical arrangement to display on a desk or shelf. The accompanying text details the special attributes of each bird: the resourcefulness of the Blue Jay, the loyalty of the Bullfinch, and the family devotion of the Inca Jay. A wonderful gift for a bird-watcher or nature enthusiast, this book also features a pop-up “to/from” card, so you can dedicate it to someone special.
Birds featured in this book include: Eastern Bluebird, Evening Grosbeak, Bullfinch, Bohemian Waxwing, Superb Starling, Regent Bowerbird, Inca Jay, Gouldian Finch, Northern Cardinal, and Blue Jay.
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