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Detective Duck: The Case of the Missing Tadpole (Detective Duck #2)

Detective Duck: The Case of the Missing Tadpole (Detective Duck #2)

ISBN: 9781419766817
Written by Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver; Illustrated by Dan Santat
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Detective Duck: The Case of the Missing Tadpole is a hysterical, full-color chapter book adventure from New York Times bestselling creators—Emmy Award–winning actor Henry Winkler, children’s book author Lin Oliver, and Caldecott Medal–winning author-illustrator Dan Santat

Willow Feathers McBeaver, aka Detective Duck, is a crime-solving (and very precocious) little duck. She and her animal pals live on Dogwood Pond, a beautiful pond in New England adjacent to Lazy Days, a human campground. Dogwood Pond has always been a pristine spot with clear water, abundant wildlife, and shady willow trees, but now it is encountering puzzling problems—mysteries that arise from human-caused disruptions in nature, such as water pollution, refuse, warming climate, and human encroachment.

When Tad the Tadpole goes missing, Detective Duck and her friends in the Pond Squad are on the case. What first seemed like a simple search and rescue mission gets more complicated when her friends find a pipe leaking a strange brown liquid and a cluster of peculiar blue-green plants that make it difficult for the pond creatures to breathe.

Fortunately, Detective Duck is on the job, solving these puzzling mysteries before they get out of hand and destroy their habitat! The Pond Squad will have to work together to clean up their environment and bring Tad home in this charming new mystery.

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