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ISBN: 9780810988392
By Michael Goodwin, illustrated by Dan E. Burr, foreword by David Bach, introduction by Joel Bakan
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Economix is an essential and accessible guide to understanding the economy and economic practices. This New York Times bestseller is a must-read for every citizen and every voter.

With clear, witty writing and quirky, accessible art, this important and timely graphic novel transforms “the dismal science” of economics into a fun, fact-filled story about human nature and our attempts to make the most of what we’ve got . . . and sometimes what our neighbors have.

Economix explains it all, from the beginning of Western economic thought; to markets free and otherwise; to economic failures, successes, limitations, and future possibilities. 
Everybody’s talking about the economy, but how can we, the people, make sense of what Wall Street or Washington say they know? Read the New York Times bestselling Economix, from author Michael Goodwin and illustrator Dan E. Burr.
“Goodwin brilliantly contextualizes economic theories with historical narrative, while Burr’s simple but elegant illustration employs classical techniques like caricaturing politicians and symbolizing big businesses (as a gleeful factory) to help the reader visualize difficult concepts.” —Publishers Weekly (starred review)
This witty and elegant volume takes on a number of complex issues—in this case, economics, history and finance—and makes them comprehensible for mere mortals.” —Miami Herald
“Michael Goodwin hasn’t just written a great graphic novel—he’s written one that should be required for every school, newsroom, and library in the United States.” —Minneapolis Star Tribune