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Eden of Witches Volume 1

Eden of Witches Volume 1

ISBN: 9781419777936
Written and Illustrated by Yumeji
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When a young witch is forced from her home by humankind, can she awaken her powers and find a way to save her home? People and nature are at odds in this epic Ghibli-esque fantasy manga from debut author Yumeji

In a world devastated by humankind and forsaken by plants and animals, only witches have the power to communicate with nature.

A long time ago, plants and animals lived in harmony . . . until humankind came to power and, unable to coexist with nature, destroyed and exploited both flora and fauna without a second thought. Now the world has become a barren wasteland. But witches have the power to speak to nature. Blamed for the extinction of plant life, and feared by humanity for their powers, they hide away from the rest of humanity in secret lairs bursting with greenery.

Pilly, a young witch-apprentice, has set out on the roads accompanied by the wolf Oak. However, she is not accustomed to the world outside and traveling long distances. Her fatigue quickly takes its toll, and she ends up injuring herself by tumbling down a rocky slope! Fortunately, a boy named Bowei finds Pilly and takes her home to nurse her back to health.

However, the arrival of the unfamiliar young lady arouses suspicion among other villagers, who quickly discern her true nature as a witch. And all captured witches share the fate of execution!

Eden of Witches is a magical and lushly illustrated coming-of-age story perfect for fans of Princess Mononoke, Nausicaä, and Witch Hat Atelier, brought expertly to life by rising star manga artist Yumeji. It will sweep readers away into a fairy tale where witches and their familiars are the last keepers of the natural world.