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Ghetto Klown

Ghetto Klown

ISBN: 9781419715198
By John Leguizamo; Illustrated by Christa Cassano and Shamus Beyale; Introduction by Lin-Manuel Miranda; Cover art by Drew Friedman
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This graphic novel adaptation of the award-winning Broadway play Ghetto Klown “is autobiographical dynamite—this is Leguizamo at his scathing, honest, moving, comedic best. Among the finest portraits of an artist as a young wounded talented man as I’ve read” (Pulitzer Prize–winning author Junot Díaz).
Tony Award winner John Leguizamo lays bare his life story in this graphic novel illustrated by artists Christa Cassano and Shamus Beyale.

He shares memories of his early years as an actor on stage, on television, and in major motion pictures opposite some of Hollywood’s biggest stars—including Al Pacino, Patrick Swayze, and Steven Seagal—and working for directors Baz Luhrmann and Brian De Palma.

Leguizamo also opens up about his loves and marriages, while addressing self-doubt and melancholy in a way that enlightens and entertains.
“[John] is a pioneer in theater and comedy, not just for Latin people, but as much as any comic or playwright I’ve ever seen or read. No one makes me laugh louder than this man. We are better because of him.” —Sofía Vergara
“The graphic novel of Ghetto Klown captures the infectious spirit of John Leguizamo’s live performances with the same surprising humor and cultural insight. These pages make John seem like the coolest super hero in New York.” —Jesse Eisenberg