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Green Pop (With 6 Playful Pop-Ups!)

Green Pop (With 6 Playful Pop-Ups!)

ISBN: 9781419773419
Written and illustrated by Aurore Petit
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Who doesn’t love a POP of color?! Every title in our original Color Pops board book series from author/artist Aurore Petit focuses on a single color. Green Pop features six playful, clever, and surprising pop‑up objects.

What is green? A frog . . . a crocodile . . . an alien! Infants and young readers will delight as these objects jump off the page in this unique “first colors” and “first words” pop-up board book.

These sturdy, small books are absolutely perfect for little hands, but the clever and surprising images will appeal to all ages. Each spread is printed in black and white, but the pop-up object is filled in with a bold pop of color—a unique take on high-contrast books!

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