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Grillo's Presents Pickled

Grillo's Presents Pickled

ISBN: 9781419771880
By Grillo's Pickles and Chef Raph
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An ode to the beloved and mighty pickle from the brand that does it best, Grillo’s Pickles! With 100 exciting and delicious recipes, this cookbook is perfect for pickle lovers everywhere.

What Makes PICKLED Special?

* Chef-Approved Recipes: Dive into 100 mouthwatering recipes curated by innovative chef Raphael Jacob Khutorsky (Chef Raph). From classic dill pickles to unexpected pickle-infused dishes, you'll find inspiration galore.

* Home Pickling Tips: Learn how to create your own Grillo's Pickles at home! Get insider tips on brining, canning, and flavor combinations. Impress your friends and family with homemade pickles that burst with freshness.

* Beyond the Burger: Pickles aren't just burger toppers! Explore creative ways to incorporate pickles into meals, snacks, and even cocktails. Devilish Eggs, Pickle Brine Spatchcock Chicken, and a boozy Pickleback Slush await your culinary adventures.

Grillo's Pickles started as a wooden pickle cart in downtown Boston, and they've been changing the pickle game ever since. Chef Raph brings his culinary expertise to this delightful cookbook, adding a personal flair to every recipe.