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Hair Like Obama's, Hands Like Lebron's

Hair Like Obama's, Hands Like Lebron's

ISBN: 9781419771484
Written by Carole Boston Weatherford; Illustrated by Savanna Durr
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From Colin Kaepernick to Martin Luther King, Jr. to Benjamin Crump, Hair Like Obama's, Hands Like Lebron's is a picture book celebration of Black history and excellence from New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Carole Boston Weatherford, illustrated bySavanna Durr.

I have hair like Obama’s and hands like LeBron’s.
My mind is more magical than “Ice” McDonald’s wands.
My legs, like Michael Jordan’s, shatter records with a leap.
My soul is kissed by Africa—the future’s mine to keep.

Inspired by the famous White House photograph of five-year-old Jacob Philadelphia touching then-president Barack Obama’s hair, Weatherford’s powerful text—illuminated by Savanna Durr’s warm, jewel-toned art—is an ode to all the things that make Black and brown kids beautiful. Young readers will learn about many inspiring figures in Black history up to the present day, gaining confidence in their abilities and their cultural legacy as they learn. The back matter includes an author’s note and biographies of each of the featured figures: Guion Bluford, Usain “Lightning” Bolt, “Bootsy” Collins, John Coltrane, Benjamin Crump, LeBron James, Lonnie Johnson, Michael Jordan, Colin Kaepernick, Martin Luther King Jr., Thurgood Marshall, Elijah McCoy, Kenrick “Ice” McDonald, Barack Obama, Colin Powell, and Tommie Smith.