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Hike It

Hike It

ISBN: 9781915569851
Written by Iron Tazz, illustrated by Martin Stanev
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Discover camping, hiking and backpacking with internet sensation Iron Tazz

This fully-illustrated book is the perfect introduction to enjoying America's great outdoors. Explore 20 National Parks with incredible trails that take you past snow-capped mountains, along stunning coastlines, and through ancient forests, and discover the majesty of nature with glorious artwork throughout. This book is packed with practical information, too.

Young adventurers 7+ will learn about:
• Navigating, and what to do if you get lost
• Essential hiking equipment
• How to leave no trace and protect the environment
• Pooping in the woods!
• Staying safe in the heat, snow, and rain
• Fire safety and setting up camp
• Encountering wildlife and safety
• Locating the North Star and understanding the night sky

National Parks and trails: Olympic National Park; Mount Rainier National Park; Redwood National Park; Death Valley National Park; Yosemite National Park; Acadia National Park; Wind River Range; Sawtooth National Forest; Grand Canyon National Park; Glacier National Park; Arches National Park; Yellowstone National Park; Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Crater Lake National Park; Petrified Forest National Park; Denali National Park and Preserve; Pacific Crest Trail; Appalachian Trail; North Cascades National Park; Continental Divide National Scenic Trail

Author and internet sensation Iron Tazz offers a wealth of information based on years of experience hiking every kind of trail and from sharing adventures with his own little boy. Full of kid-friendly tips and tricks for enjoying nature this is the perfect book for learning how to hike your own hike.