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How to Dress a Dinosaur

How to Dress a Dinosaur

ISBN: 9781641706438
Alycia Pace
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​Winner of the 2023 Gold Medal BookFest Award
Winner of the 2023 PenCraft Award
Winner of the 2023 FAPA President's Gold Award
Winner of the 2022 Moonbeam Spirit Award Bronze Board Book

ROAR! Dinosaurs don’t wear shirts!

Every parent knows the struggle of getting a child dressed and out the door. But with a cast of hilariously coiffed dinosaurs to teach toddlers how to stomp their feet into pant legs and reach their claws into shirts, getting dressed becomes a game. With this playful companion to How to Potty Train a Dinosaur, your little dino lover will beg to join in the fun and get dressed like a dinosaur!