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If You Run Out of Words

If You Run Out of Words

ISBN: 9781419766886
Written and illustrated by Felicita Sala
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In this imaginative bedtime adventure from award-winning artist Felicita Sala, a father reassures his daughter of the fantastical lengths he’d go to in order to show his love

What happens if you run out of words?
Will you have any left for me?

Don’t be silly!
I could NEVER run out of words!

But what if you DO?

Seeking reassurance of her father’s attention, a young girl peppers her dad with elaborate, anxious what-ifs. Dad soothes each worry with the perfect answer: if he ever ran out of words, he’d visit the Elves’ Word Factory so that he never runs out again, of course! Even if it means having to brave the darkest woods, escape pirates, or even fly a rocket ship back home, there’s nothing that could ever come between them—and there aren’t enough words to describe how much he loves her.

Imaginative, humorous, and heartfelt, this new classic from internationally celebrated creator Felicita Sala is a whimsical ode to a parent’s boundless love for their child.