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It's Hard to Be a Baby

It's Hard to Be a Baby

ISBN: 9781419767333
Written by Cheryl B. Klein; illustrated by Juana Medina
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A perfect gift for new parents, with delightful illustrations from Pura Belpré Award–winning artist Juana Medina, Cheryl B. Klein’s picture book It’s Hard to Be a Baby is a hilarious and heartwarming read-aloud celebrating the challenges, changes, and cheers that come with being a baby

Hey there, babies.
I hear you.
Everyone thinks your lives are easy.
But you and I know the truth . . .

It’s hard to be a baby!

You’re always being picked up and put down. You have to tell people everything—when you’re hot, when you’re hungry—but they don’t always get what you need. And some of your clothes are REALLY goofy. But hang in there, babies—everything will get better!

With a wise and surprising narrator and charmingly expressive illustrations, this new classic will help exhausted parents remember that their babies, too, are figuring everything out for the first time—and find a few laughs along the way. It’s the perfect picture book for caregivers and their little ones to enjoy together.