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J'aime New York

J'aime New York

ISBN: 9782841234028
By Alain Ducasse and Alex Vallis; Foreword by Dan Barber, Photography by Pierre Monetta
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“Travel is one of my greatest passions. Not simply for my love of discovery and pastures new, but also for the pleasures of “stumbling across” objects, products, or unusual, novel ways of doing things; it all stimulates my curiosity before inhabiting my memories, imagination and pleasures.”--Alain Ducasse

From Brooklyn hot dogs to Manhattan’s most chic restaurants, world-renowned chef Alain Ducasse reveals a palette of flavors, colors, images, and aromas from all four corners of the globe: his own gourmet New York. This large-format, beautiful work of photographic reportage reveals his favorite spots, his special finds, and his gourmet delights. He reveals New York’s finest products, the histories of places and people, and his encounters with them in this personal culinary voyage around a city with an important place in Ducasse’s heart. Complete with a handy removable guidebook to all the restaurants and other venues listed, this large, gorgeously illustrated book is a treasure trove for all food lovers in New York or anywhere.

Advance Praise:
“J’aime Ducasse — He has an extraordinarily creative and curious mind. This beautiful book exemplifies that.” --Nina and Tim Zagat
“Alain Ducasse has thought long and hard about all the elements of atmosphere, light and color that make a meal memorable as well as the nature of the food itself. In this regard he observes things that are frequently ignored. Once they are pointed out, however, they become an essential part of our critical appreciation. In the complex and contradictory food universe that New York represents, Alain’s observations are unique and essential.” --Milton Glaser
“He has broken as many molds as he has created. With his new book Alain Ducasse does so again. It is rare that such an extraordinary and celebrated talent has the wisdom and generosity to celebrate others in his field who inspire him. This gorgeous book is a welcome and heartfelt guide to the restaurant world of NYC by one the world’s culinary leaders. It is a requisite for any food-obsessed New Yorker.” --Stanley Tucci
J’aime New York takes us on a delectable journey of the city’s vibrant culinary landscape. Alain Ducasse’s cross-disciplinary range stands as inspiration for those who share a passion for good living and all its permutations.” --David Rockwell