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Leviathan Volume 1

Leviathan Volume 1

ISBN: 9781419777677
By Shiro Kuroi
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In the depths of space, a group of students is pitted against each other in a brutal battle for survival—a gripping sci-fi survival horror from rising star manga artist Shiro Kuroi perfect for fans of Battle Royale and Attack on Titan

Monster or human . . . What sleeps deep in the darkness?

The Leviathan, an enormous spaceship, drifts in spaces, abandoned in a galaxy far, far away. When looters break into the abandoned ship, they discover the diary of a middle-schooler, Kazuma, who documented the horrific fate of its passengers. Shocked, the looters read on, but as they do, they reach a chilling realization—there is still one survivor somewhere inside!

Along with the looters, the reader will piece together the decades-old tale of an innocent school trip to Earth with a tragic and brutal ending, as sudden explosions destroy the hull of the Leviathan. Trapped in space without enough oxygen left to wait for rescue, Kazuma documents the mental collapse and treachery of his teacher and classmates as they realize that the only hope for survival is the cryopreservation unit at the heart of the ship . . . which can only fit one person. A bloody battle for survival ensues as friend turns against friend, teacher against student, and each survivor is forced to confront the value of their own life.

Is it possible to keep one’s humanity when lost in the darkness of space? And moreover, what kind of survivor of that vicious struggle do looters find themselves alone with, decades after the dust has settled?

One of the top bestselling new manga titles in Japan, Leviathan’s incredible, brutal illustrations and tightly paced plot will leave readers at the edge of their seats, and linger in their minds long after the last page of each volume. Perfect for fans of Moebius, Star Wars, and Katsuhiro Otomo, Leviathan is sure to be an instant hit.