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Little Hearts

Little Hearts

ISBN: 9781636550305
Written by Charles Ghigna; Illustrated by Jacqueline East
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Four animal friends discover the many "little hearts" that can be found in nature. 

The world is full of little hearts. 
Each one a sign of love.
Some are found upon the ground.
Some are up above.

Join a group of animal friends as they explore and discover the many "little hearts" that are found in nature. This gentle introduction to the world of nature for young children, written in rhyming stanzas by Charles Ghigna, is based around a theme that is sure to be popular for Valentine's Day celebrations, but also at any time of the year. It reminds us to take our time and appreciate our surroundings and the beauty of nature. Accompanied by Jacqueline East's charming illustrations, this book is a perfect way to inspire curiosity and foster an early appreciation of our natural world.