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Marya Khan and the Awesome Adventure Park (Marya Khan #4)

Marya Khan and the Awesome Adventure Park (Marya Khan #4)

ISBN: 9781419761232
Written By Saadia Faruqi; illustrated by Ani Bushry
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Perfect for fans of Ivy & Bean and Stella Diaz, this charming chapter book series by Saadia Faruqi and Ani Bushry follows a Pakistani American third-grader whose plans may backfire but whose persistence and heart are inspiring

Spring break is finally here, and Marya could not be more excited. This year she, Hanna, and Alexa are going to Skye Adventure Park—the coolest theme park around! Skye Adventure Park is huge and has so many things to do. They have to go to the water park (obviously) and avoid boring rides like the Ferris wheel. But most of all, Marya wants to do the obstacle course. It has a leaderboard that displays the fastest people’s names, and Marya knows that she has to win and make it on that board! She just needs to practice and practice and beat out the very athletic Alexa. But when the time comes, will Marya win the obstacle course? Or is there more to this park than winning after all?

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