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Milo Walking

Milo Walking

ISBN: 9781419755200
By James Howe; Illustrated by Sakika Kikuchi
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From the bestselling author of Bunnicula comes a beautiful story about looking, observing, and finding wonder in the things that we walk right past every day

Every morning, Milo goes walking with his mother. There are so many things to see.

While Milo was sleeping, the rain left a puddle for him to find. “Hello, Milo,” he says to the boy in the puddle.

When Milo listens closely, he hears bees. They have a lot to say.

The tree in the park looks sad today. “It’s okay,” Milo whispers. “I will see you tomorrow and you will be happy.”

Each day is full of possibilities when Milo goes walking: new things to observe, old things to see in a new way, the magical “maybes” of his imagination—and what we might find, tomorrow.