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Mother Doll

Mother Doll

ISBN: 9781419770951
By Katya Apekina
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Prize-winning author Katya Apekina’s Mother Doll is a sharp, kaleidoscopic novel about the shadow of trauma in Russian history that follows four generations of mothers and daughters
* A Most Anticipated Book of 2024 Selected By * The Millions * Chicago Review of Books * Hey Alma * Stylecaster * And Many More! * 

“Apekina brilliantly balances the bizarre with the mundane . . . Mother Doll isn’t a ghost story but a meticulously layered tale of fabulist historical fiction.” ―LOS ANGELES TIMES
“A gripping read from the very first sentence."―VOGUE, The Best Books of 2024 So Far

“Like the Russian nesting dolls that inspired it, this novel reveals layer after layer of poignant delights.”―KIRKUS REVIEWS, Starred Review

Zhenia is adrift in Los Angeles, pregnant with a baby her husband doesn’t want, while her Russian grandmother and favorite person in the world is dying on the opposite coast. She’s deeply disconnected from herself and her desires when she gets a strange call from Paul, a psychic medium who usually specializes in channeling dead pets, with a message from the other side. Zhenia’s great-grandmother Irina, a Russian Revolutionary, has approached him from a cloud of ancestral grief, desperate to tell her story and receive absolution from Zhenia.

As Irina begins her confession with the help of a purgatorial chorus of grieving Russian ghosts, Zhenia awakens to aspects of herself she hadn’t been willing to confront. But does either woman have what the other needs to understand their predicament? Or will Irina be stuck in limbo, with Zhenia plagued by ancestral trauma, and her children after her?

Punctuated with Katya Apekina’s “wry observations and wicked sense of humor” (Los Angeles Times), Mother Doll is a family epic and meditation on motherhood, immigration, identity, and war. Apekina’s second novel “is not only a harrowing examination of generational trauma, but a damn funny one" (Vogue, Best Books of 2024).