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Mr. Fiorello's Head

Mr. Fiorello's Head

ISBN: 9781592703791
Cecilia Ruiz
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A humorous and playful story, both poignant and inspiring, about a man who loses his prized hair, and how to make space for newness and growth.

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A Toronto Public Library New & Noteworthy Picture Book of the Month!
Moonbow Best Children’s Book of 2023!

Mr. Fiorello's Head is both a playful romp and a philosophical tale. Mr. Fiorello loved his hair and never wanted it to go away. But, sometimes, the things we care the most about, the things we never want to see gone, leave anyway. Such is the fate of Mr. Fiorello and his hair.

Fortunately, he still has a head on his shoulders and thoughts in his head, which help him to navigate his loss and disappointment in favor of a larger possibility. Possibilities that lead him from his apartment into the world, to grow and tend to a larger garden than the hairs on his own head.

We may not have control over many things in our lives, but when we do the work inside our own heads that we need to do, our most petty concerns give way to a larger, more generous conception of the world and our place in it.