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My Baby Book

My Baby Book

ISBN: 9781419733925
By Christine Roussey
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Capture the memories of baby’s early years in this practical and adorable keepsake journal from Christine Roussey, illustrator of the bestselling children’s book In My Heart.

Whimsical prompts encourage parents to jot down the details of their baby’s emerging personality, likes and dislikes, and memorable firsts, as well as their own reflections on new parenthood.

A bonus pocket in the back includes:
  • an envelope for a birth announcement
  • a tiny envelope for a lock of hair
  • a booklet for jotting down baby’s first words and phrases
  • an accordion-folded growth chart, an envelope for handprints and footprints
  • stickers to decorate photos

A pair of ribbons tie the padded case shut, making this a perfect gift for baby showers.