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My Friends the Flowers

My Friends the Flowers

ISBN: 9780810983977
By William Lach, illustrated by Doug Kennedy
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One little bee loves to visit his friends—who just happen to be flowers! He visits with Marigold, who scares all the bugs; Sunflower, who has a big happy face; Daffodil, who nods his head; and even some Impatiens, who hang around the shady parts of town. From fiery snapdragons and gorgeous camellias, to prickly pears and the bells of forsythias, the bee introduces young readers to the many flowers that add color and character to our world.
Doug Kennedy’s funny and evocative illustrations bring the rhyming text and flowers to life. The book concludes with a photograph and description of each flower, along with easy steps for a child to plant three gardens of his or her own.

F&P Level: L
F&P Genre: F
Praise for Doug Kennedy
Legoland Beginner Book Club Selection

“Appealing, richly colored, cartoonlike paintings have a robust, sculpted look.” —Booklist
“Oil illustrations that perfectly capture the look” —School Library Journal
Praise for William Lach
“Lach . . . fills a gap in arts titles for youth.” —Booklist