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Oliver's Great Big Universe

Oliver's Great Big Universe

ISBN: 9781419764080
by Jorge Cham
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Cosmos meets Diary of a Wimpy Kid in this new illustrated middle-grade fiction series that blends science with narrative

I know what you’re thinking. What makes an average 11-year-old kid qualified to tell you anything about the universe?

Am I famous scientist? No.

Am I a super-genius at everything? Not really.

Oliver has a lot going on starting his first year of middle school: new friends, new classes, new everything. But at least there's one thing that still makes sense: science! Determined to be an astrophysicist one day, Oliver explains everything he learns—like how the sun burps, how ghost particles fly through you, and the uncanny similarities between Mercury and cafeteria meatballs. (Also, there are time-bending black holes, exploding supernova stars, and aliens! Well, there could be aliens.).
Oliver finally feels like he’s starting to figure things out . . . but can he stay out of the principal's office, or catch a break from his annoying sister? With laugh-out-loud humor and cartoon-style illustrations from bestselling writer and the creator of PHD Comics Jorge Cham, Oliver’s Great Big Universe is a STEM-themed, diary-style series following an eleven-year-old who’s taking on the whole universe—if he can survive middle school first.