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Patience . . .

Patience . . .

ISBN: 9781419774638
Written by Rachel Williams; Illustrated by Leonie Lord
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Patience... is an anti-instant gratification book from Rachel Williams, the best-selling author of Slow Down, and illustrator Leonie Lord, showing that for everything there is a seasonand good things are worth the wait!

A lot of life is spent waiting—waiting for the day to start, waiting for the toast to cook, waiting for the school bus. Waiting is not easy, but as life happens, things change and grow while you are waiting. Discover how good things take time, and how there is a season for everything.

Discover how long it takes for
  • Light from the sun to reach Earth
  • A barn owl to hunt
  • The moon to rise and fall
  • A nymph to grow wings
  • A bird to incubate its eggs
  • A camel to cross the desert to drink
  • A bear to wait for spring
  • An apple tree to grow fruit
  • A coral to grow
  • A patch of rainforest to regrows
  • A tortoise to complete its life cycle
  • . . . and more!
By understanding how everything has a time and place, readers will be better able to cope with not having things instantly. They will discover that everyday wonders require patience and process.