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ISBN: 9781419757372
Written by Gabriele Davis; Illustrated by Kim Holt
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In this hopeful multigenerational story of love and healing, a girl holds her mother’s memory close while carrying on an important family tradition: making peach cobbler together

Summer Sundays begin with picking.
Rosy-ripe peaches dipping low to the ground,
Sun-warmed and soft like Grandma’s lap.

Side by side with Daddy and Grandma, a young girl is determined to take part in her family’s tradition of baking the perfect peach cobbler—just like her mama used to. From picking fruit to stirring and mixing to kneading the dough, it’s a little bit messy. But with sure hands to guide the girl step-by-step—and her mother’s memory hanging sweet in the air—she has the recipe for making Mama proud.

This warmhearted and ultimately hopeful picture book shows that with a house full of love, everything can feel peach-perfect.