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Recipes for Change

Recipes for Change

ISBN: 9781419760242
by Michael Platt, illustrated by Alleanna Harris
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Join teen chef and food justice advocate Michael Platt on a journey through a year in Black history and discover 12 important events and a recipe inspired by each one

From the Montgomery bus boycott to the Black Lives Matter movement, food has played a vital role in strengthening and shaping Black empowerment. Join food justice advocate and baker Michael Platt on a stunning visual journey as he retells moving and authentic accounts of 12 months in Black history. Featuring mouthwatering recipes and biographies of important figures, this book will inspire leaders of the future with real stories of trailblazers who helped to change the world.

Recipes include
  • The Black Panther Party’s creamy grits
  • The Greensboro Sit-In’s cherry protest pie
  • The Selma March’s carry-on cornbread
  • The Underground Railroad’s freedom fish
  • The Freedom Riders’ gumbo
  • Juneteenth’s red ice pops
  • Baker’s Against Racism’s sweet potato hand pie
  • Martin Luther King’s favorite pecan pie
  • Paschal’s fried chicken
  • The Black Power Salute’s Olympic gold cookies
  • The Christmas Sacrifice’s banana pudding
  • The Montgomery Bus Boycott’s pound cake