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The Heartbeat Drum

The Heartbeat Drum

ISBN: 9781419756689
Written by Deidre Havrelock; illustrated by Aphelandra
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Author Deidre Havrelock’s and illustrator Aphelandra’s The Heartbeat Drum is an uplifting picture book biography of a Cree activist and musician who founded an Indigenous hand drumming group, led by women and children, that spreads joy, healing, and unity

nisôhkisinân (We are strong) . . .
ninikamonân (We are singing) . . .
mîna nika-âhkamêyimonân (And we will continue) . . .

Whenever young Carol Powder sang along to her family’s music, her heart felt light and full of joy. Learning from her grandfather, Moshum, Carol listened closely to the drums’ heartbeat until one day Moshum made her a drum of her very own. As Carol grew up, she passed down her songs to her children, grandchildren, and many women in her community, just as Moshum taught her—even as women and children became increasingly excluded from sitting at the drum. Despite those who disapproved, she formed her own drumming group called Chubby Cree.

Today, Carol and her group share their music to advocate at climate events, to honor residential school survivors at special ceremonies, and to spread healing for anyone who needs it. Empowering and joyfully illustrated, The Heartbeat Drum is a radiant celebration of preserving Indigenous traditions, finding your voice, and speaking out.

Includes both an author’s note and illustrator’s note, as well as a personal note from Carol Powder herself.