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The Joy of Imperfect Love

ISBN: 9781641709057
By Dr. Carla Marie Manly
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Embracing the messiness of real love, The Joy of Imperfect Loveexplores attachment issues and personal growth, uncovering the secrets to lasting, joy-filled connections.
Stuck in unhealthy relationship dynamics? Yearning to find (or be) that perfect someone? Can you accept someone while also wanting them to grow? The key to healthy relationships is accepting that real love is messy, imperfect, and a work in progress!
Clinical psychologist Dr. Carla Marie Manly’s The Joy of Imperfect Love guides readers on a transformative journey of compassionate, healthy love. With research-backed insights, captivating case studies, and empowering exercises, readers explore how attachment issues and unresolved personal issues negatively impact both self-love and the quality of our relationships. Dr. Manly offers sound solutions for creating the awareness and healthy habits that promote lasting love. Readers will breathe a sigh of deep relief as they discover the doable, real-life secrets to creating joy-filled relationships and genuine, imperfect love.