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The Life-Changing Magic of Chess

The Life-Changing Magic of Chess

ISBN: 9781419773396
Written by Maurice Ashley, illustrated by Denis Angelov
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The Life-Changing Magic of Chess isa beginner’s guide to the strategy game for children, with secrets from Grandmaster Maurice Ashley.
Discover why the world’s first Black Grandmaster Maurice Ashley thinks that chess is one of the best skills in life. Follow him on a journey from Jamaica to New York to the world stage where he has taught thousands of young people the life philosophies of the game.
Part biography, part skills and fully oozing with passion, this book offers:

  • A child-friendly, joy-filled introduction to the game of chess
  • Step-by-step illustrations of basic and advanced chess skills
  • Tips and motivation from the first Black Grandmaster, Maurice Ashley

Learn about the chess board and pieces, sequences such as Scholar’s Mate, and skills like castling. With fun-filled, engaging illustrations from Denis Angelov, and in the inspirational words of Maurice Ashley, this is the perfect book to inspire a child to find their life’s passion.
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