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The Monkey Goes Bananas

The Monkey Goes Bananas

ISBN: 9781419708855
By C. P. Bloom. Illustrated by Peter Raymundo
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It’s time to go bananas!
A determined monkey spies a banana tree across the water. What happens next is an inventive romp, as the resourceful monkey attempts to grab a snack, with some hilarious consequences.
Full of energy, surprise, and strong visual storytelling, this practically wordless picture book will entice even the most reluctant reader. The Monkey Goes Bananas is fast-paced, delicious fun that’s sure to leave young readers hungry for another read.

Praise for The Monkey Goes Bananas
"This predominantly wordless picture book delivers a substantial helping of slapstick."
--Kirkus Reviews

There is a slapstick element to the humor (the monkey is flung around with some regularity), which will resonate with readers as they turn each page to see what the monkey will try next. Throw in an opportunistic shark with an empty belly, and the pieces are in place for a laugh-out-loud story that should earn plenty of repeat readings."

"Kids will jump right into this rip-roaring flip book–paced tale."
--School Library Journal