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The National Team

The National Team

ISBN: 9781419734496
By Caitlin Murray
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A complete history of the U.S Women’s National Soccer Team from the 1980s to its 2019 World Cup victory.

In the summer of 2019, the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team swept the field and decisively won their fourth World Cup, further cementing their place as the most decorated, ground-breaking, and outspoken team in women's sports.

But in The National Team, a complete history of the team, leading soccer journalist Caitlin Murray shows how their story is not only one of triumph on the pitch.

From the team's foundation in the 1980s to today, these women have faced numerous challenges off the field: sexism, striking inequality, low pay, poor playing conditions, and limited opportunities to play in professional leagues.

Through nearly one hundred exclusive interviews with players, coaches, and team officials, including Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd, Hope Solo, Heather O’Reilly, Julie Foudy, Brandi Chastain, Pia Sundhage, Tom Sermanni, and Sunil Gulati, Murray takes readers inside the locker rooms and boardrooms in engrossing detail. A story of endurance and determination, The National Team is a complete portrait of this beloved and revolutionary team.

Updated to include the 2019 World Cup victory.

Praise for The National Team:

“I gobbled up every page of this deep dive into the incredible history and culture surrounding this team.” —Alexi Lalas

“I've always had tremendous respect for the Women's National Team but, after reading The National Team, that level of respect skyrocketed. This is a fantastic story about perseverance, overcoming obstacles and following your passion in life.” —Landon Donovan

“In The National Team, Caitlin Murray has told an inspiring tale of the long arc of the U.S. women's national team, shedding new light on all the major tournaments while revealing fascinating details on its decades-long fight for better treatment from the men who run soccer. I learned a lot of new things from this terrific book.” —Grant Wahl, author of Masters of Modern Soccer

“The U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team is one of the greatest collectives the United States has ever produced. For all its World Cups and Olympic Golds, it has never had a history worthy of its name. Caitlin Murray has put that right with this book. The National Team is the definitive telling of the team's journey, giving the reader a behind the scenes understanding of the dreams, elite skills, and enormous sacrifices that have brought success on the field, and the huge battle for equality still to be won off it.” —Roger Bennett, Men in Blazers