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The Walk (A Stroll to the Poll)

The Walk (A Stroll to the Poll)

ISBN: 9781419747724
Written by Winsome Bingham; Illustrated by E. B. Lewis
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From award-winning creators Winsome Bingham and E.B. Lewis, this powerful story celebrates a journey crucial to our democracy: the walk to vote

My granny is taking me on THE WALK.
“Because leaders are not born,” she says. “They’re made through molding and modeling.”
“What’s the walk?” I ask.
“You’ll see. And there’s a few treasured souls coming too.”

Granny and her granddaughter are going on a walk. But this is not just any walk. It’s a walk that must not be missed; one that is more important than ever, but has been made increasingly difficult for many to participate in. It’s a walk that joins together a community, that lifts voices; that allows us to speak up, stand up, and say what’s on our minds. It’s a walk for hope.

Where are all these treasured souls going? Just WALK ON and find out.