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The Woofmore on Thin Ice (The Woofmore #3)

The Woofmore on Thin Ice (The Woofmore #3)

ISBN: 9781419767661
Written by Donna Gephart and Lori Haskins Houran; illustrated by Josh Cleland
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Return to the luxury hotel for dogs in The Woofmore on Thin Ice, the third book in the pawsome full-color chapter book series from authors Donna Gephart and Lori Haskins Houran and illustrator Josh Cleland

Welcome to the Woofmore, where the water bowls are always full and there’s kibble on every pillow! Rufus and his boss, Ms. Coco, work hard to make every guest feel like a VIP (Very Important Pooch).

It’s winter at the Woofmore and the hotel is down to one guest—famous figure skater Furya LaBone. Ms. Coco wants her visit to be pawfect. The Woofmore needs more guests to stay open, and a good review from a VIP like Furya could save the hotel. But when the local ice rink closes and Furya is left with nowhere to practice for her big competition, it looks like the hotel may be on thin ice.

If Rufus can’t help this skating superstar come up with a showstopping move for her routine, it could be a ruff winter for the Woofmore. With adorable illustrations and hilarious text, this new early chapter book series will hit young dog lovers smack in the funny bone!

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