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Wonder City of the World

Wonder City of the World

ISBN: 9781419774096
By Nicholas D. Lowry
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A century-spanning visual journey through the world’s most fascinating city as promoted by the top advertisers and artists of poster history

From the Statue of Liberty to Times Square, Harlem to Coney Island, this iconic art book will cover 100 years of how New York City was sold to the world via graphic design. The book’s stunning historic posters feature New York City’s iconic skyline, unique architecture, and the warmth and charms of its individual neighborhoods. With artwork that depicts landmark events that made NYC the capital of style and entertainment, these posters capture and promote the ever-changing, idealized view of the city.

Wonder City of the World features essays from PBS’s Antiques Roadshow star, antiques expert, and author Nicho Lowry alongside co-authors Angelina Lippert, Tim Medland, and Catherine Bindman and design experts Colette Gaiter, Jon Key, Jennifer Rittner, and Michele Washington.

Table of Contents:
The Early Days/Old New York
New York by Sea
Famous Monuments & Landmarks
New York by Rail
NYC Skyline
Times Square
Rivers & Bridges
NYC Style

Featured Essays:
David Klein’s New York
I’ve Seen the Future: Sascha Maurer’s Posters for the 1939 New York World’s Fair
Soft Light, Big City: Leslie Ragan’s New York Posters
The Enemy is at the Gate of New York: Joseph Pennell’s Wartime Warning